Dámske komorné Trio Impression   
tel. +421 903 661 060
e-mail: impressiontrio@gmail.com


Podporili nás


         Dear Madam/Sir,  

        we would like to address you with ladies` chamber trio IMPRESSION`s music offer. In our trio there are graduates of Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava:     

        Mgr. art. Aneta Lednická, ArtD. - violin, vocals

        Mgr. art. Ágnes Kolozsi - flute

        Mgr. art. Monika Rahlová - piano

        We introduce the concept of professional music of several historical periods and styles. We also offer popular genre in a vocal-instrumental version. In a relatively short time we had many performances at home and abroad. The nature of our performances is different, for example, solo chamber concerts, conferences, corporate parties and so on.                        

    For more information about us please visit

       Our music samples can be heard on the website www.youtube.com


     We offer the following types of programs:

1. MUSIC IN CONCERT VERSION: baroque music, classical music preiod, romantic period music, music of the 20th century

2. MUSIC IN SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIE: film music, musical music, operetta melodies, jazz standards, dance music (polkas, waltzes), popular music (from 50s to present), Czech - Slovak hits 



        Mgr.art. Aneta Lednická, ArtD.                    E- mail: impressiontrio@gmail.com

        Phone: 00421 903 661 060                          Web: www.trioimpression.sk